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The Money Lessons of John the Baptist

Did you know that John the Baptist taught about money? John the Baptist was the guy who prepared the way for Jesus. He taught that a messiah was coming. But John wasn’t exactly a GQ kind of guy. He went to the wilderness. He wore a camel’s hair tunic, which he bound up with a belt. I can’t  »  Read More

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Should You Give Even if You Are in Debt and Struggling?

I was on the Bob Dutko radio show recently. Bob is a Christian talk radio show host. Based in Detroit, Bob’s show has a wide reach on a variety of topics. The purpose of the show was to discuss the David Green book Giving It All Away and Getting It All Back Again (Zondervan 2017), which I helped  »  Read More

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17 Years and Still Counting—The Way of Living Generously

On June 1, 2000, I had my first day on the job at The Signatry. At that time, we were known as the Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City. (Read here for information about the foundation in its early days.) When we started, it was me, my cell phone, a legal pad, and a car. We had no idea of  »  Read More

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