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I Got a Letter from Herman the Other Day…

Herman was one of our first clients. He’d had an account with another donor advised fund firm. But he switched to us. He liked the fact that our mission was about building the kingdom of God. If he was going to pay an administrative fee, he wanted it to come to us. But the fact that he wrote  »  Read More

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The Power of Everyday Generosity

If we write a check to a charity, does that make us generous? It seems to me that giving is an act. It can be a transaction. But giving, in and of itself, doesn’t make one generous. Generosity. It’s a way of life–a learned way of life. My wife came to me the other day and reminded me  »  Read More

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Let’s Increase Giving Among the Masses

Giving has grown in popularity among wealthy Americans, as evidenced by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge. On the other hand, the number of givers reporting gifts on their income tax returns has dropped by as much as 7% with only 24% of all people reporting making a charitable  »  Read More

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