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Generosity in Fiji

Generosity knows no geographic bounds.  It is a universal language.  It can be given and received in any country.  The power of it—no matter how big or small—is profound. Read below from the blog of Ethan White.  I’ve known the White family for years.  Just recently their oldest son  »  Read More

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5 Unusual Christmas Giving Ideas

Laughter at the Christmas tree

We are at that time of year where people are hunting for Christmas ideas. The retailers are sure to remind us to find the perfect gift – and to be quick about it. But here’s a few Christmas giving gift ideas: Random Giving – Give every family member $100 at Thanksgiving. Have them give that  »  Read More

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Giving With Your Life

She’s from a Middle East country. She came to America on a green card. For now, she lives with us, and she’s a student at Johnson County Community College.  In their country, they hold a lottery to determine who will win a green card and earn the right  »  Read More

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