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Would you take in a dying child?

Taking in foster kids can be hard.  Really hard.  It’s an up and down emotion of taking in and letting go.  But can you imagine taking in a dying child—one that no one else will take in? The February 8, 2017, LA Times tells the story of Mohamed Bzeek.  He’s a Libyan born Muslim living in  »  Read More

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Stop Overspending and Start Raising Happier Kids

Brett Graff is an economist and author.  She’s also the author of Not Buying It:  Stop Overspending and Start Raising Happier, Healthier, More Successful Kids.  She writes with humor and yet some cutting advice.  “If your kids are like most—in the sense that they have human brains—then  »  Read More

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5 Powerful Planning Lessons from Death

After a difficult fight with leukemia, my mother-in-law, Sue Replogle, recently passed away. She lived a great life of faith and service. Our family was truly amazed by all the people who shared with us the kind ways she had served them. Even in the aftermath of her passing, we found more ways that  »  Read More

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