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The Rise of the Great-Grandparent Generation

Many of us never knew our great-grandparents. But that’s changing. As Americans are living longer and are healthier than in previous generations, demographers are now saying that future generations are likely to have at least one living great-grandparent. Kenneth Wachter, the Chairman of the  »  Read More

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Is Addiction Sinking Your Family Business?

In September 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a plan to spend an extra $144 million toward fighting the opioid crisis. Ninety-one Americans die each day from opioid abuse. But as Mitzi Perdue, prominent family business specialist, noted in her commentary on Fox News  »  Read More

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50% of High-Net-Worth Families Have Not Disclosed Wealth to Their Children

A September 2016 article in the Harvard Business Review notes that over 50% of high-net-worth families have not told their children about their wealth.¹ Why is it hard to talk to our children about our wealth? I remember when my son was in high school. He took a personal finance class, and he  »  Read More

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