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A Message to Me at 20 Years Old

I was talking to my nearly 40 year old friend. I knew some of her story. Some of her teen years and her 20s were filled with tumult. So I asked her, “What advice now would you give your 20 year old self?” She paused, and she laughed. I suspect she pictured herself at 20 – full of  »  Read More

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How to Build the 100 Year Family

Steelcase, the office furniture maker based in Michigan turned 100 years old recently. The feat of surviving 100 years in this age of the ebb and flow of business is hard to imagine.  Times change, and businesses must change with those times or they run the risk of being outdated. The fickle  »  Read More

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5 essential factors to the 100 year family

Did you know that the average lifecycle of corporations is 12-15 years, whereas in the 1920s, the average lifecycle was 67 years?  What accounts for the difference? Victoria TenHaken, Professor of Management at Hope College, writes in Crain’s Detroit Business that part of the reason may be the  »  Read More

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