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5 essential factors to the 100 year family

Did you know that the average lifecycle of corporations is 12-15 years, whereas in the 1920s, the average lifecycle was 67 years?  What accounts for the difference? Victoria TenHaken, Professor of Management at Hope College, writes in Crain’s Detroit Business that part of the reason may be the  »  Read More

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How Do Family, Legacy, and Generosity Go Together?

I write often about family, legacy, and generosity. (You can find my blogs at I was having a conversation with a colleague who questioned me about those ideas–how do they go together? He emphasized that family and legacy are felt needs but that generosity is not. True  »  Read More

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How Much Should You Give to Your Children?

It’s the most common question I get in estate planning: How much should I leave to my children? The answer to that question is not a simple formula. However, I read a thought provoking article by Stephen Lewis, Music To My Heirs: The Challenge of Generational Wealth and How to Succeed. Lewis  »  Read More

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