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How we’ve messed up Family Legacy

There was a time in this country when family was front and center. At America’s founding, the family was the place where values and economic livelihood met. There was no distinction between family as a place of values creation and family as sustainability. But eventually our country grew out of  »  Read More

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“I’m 18!” “But you’re still my son!”

Her hair is jet black.  Her smile is still strong.  Her ring finger is empty.  But her eyes are tired.  She’s a flight attendant from Nashville to KC manning the exit row. We exchange pleasantries and find commonality in that we both have 18 year-old  »  Read More

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Empty Nest? Ha! Try this….

Families have seasons, and for us we’ve reached that season called empty nest. Our youngest flew the coop at the end of July. He had to report for pre-season soccer training. But in the weeks since then, we’ve had this crazy season of  »  Read More

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