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And I Thought Parenting Was Hard…

It seems like a few nights ago that our four children were six and under.  My, those were exhausting days—especially for my wife.  Two girls, two boys, homeschooling, church and sports all made for a busy life. But those were also days of such fun.  The kids would come running and screaming  »  Read More

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[Guest Post] 13 Traits of Legacy-Building Parents – Lindsay Diederichs

  In my last post, I talked about a rare breed of young people who grew up in Christian homes, never strayed from the faith and are passionately serving Jesus today. This doesn’t mean they never had questions or doubts. But like Jacob, each one wrestled with the Lord and came out declaring  »  Read More

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How we’ve messed up Family Legacy

There was a time in this country when family was front and center. At America’s founding, the family was the place where values and economic livelihood met. There was no distinction between family as a place of values creation and family as sustainability. But eventually our country grew out of  »  Read More

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