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The 40 Generation Family Business?

Can you imagine a business lasting 3 generations?  Perhaps you’ve heard the adage:  shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations.  In America, it’s an astonishing failure rate in generation 2—70% and in generation 3 a whopping over-85% failure rate. So is it hard to imagine 40  »  Read More

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My grandson knows my name!

Having a grandchild is a magical thing.  It’s mind-blowing to watch your children have kids and go through some of the same things you went through.  But on top of that, there’s all of these wonderful stages you get to observe without being in the middle of the action. The sleeping baby.   »  Read More

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And I Thought Parenting Was Hard…

It seems like a few nights ago that our four children were six and under.  My, those were exhausting days—especially for my wife.  Two girls, two boys, homeschooling, church and sports all made for a busy life. But those were also days of such fun.  The kids would come running and screaming  »  Read More

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