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Christmas—Zechariah and Why It’s Not About Me!

I suppose in a lot of circles he’d be a big man. He had a title and privilege. He got to literally go behind the curtain—a status not afforded to the common villager. He was a priest, and not just any priest. He came from the line of Aaron. He was righteous, faithful, and therefore  »  Read More

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Christmas—The Expectant Child

What’s not to like about Christmas? The season of tinsel, glitter, gifts, and family—right? Well, for many, the truth is that Christmas is a season of heartbreak, loss, and loneliness. I’ve got a friend who lost a child right before Christmas; and in my own family, my father passed away a  »  Read More

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If You Want to Lead a Life of Joy, Start at Christmas

It’s here. That time of year. Kettle bell ringers. Festive decorations. Office parties. Presents wrapped with bows. Lots of cards. A full mailbox. Crowded malls, crowded streets. And sometimes, if we can drag ourselves away from the noise, a question: What’s it all about? I suspect everyone, if  »  Read More

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