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Write a Letter to Your 20-Year-Old Self

Taylor Smith was 12 years old when she died on January 5, 2014, from complications from pneumonia. Her parents were devastated.  But when they sorted through her belongings, they found a curious envelope with the words, “To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023.”  Inside was a letter  »  Read More

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What’s Wrong with the Tithe?

There’s a lot of confusion about tithing. If you go into most churches today, you’ll find that tithing, or giving 10 percent of your income, is what most pastors preach.  A survey several years ago among evangelical pastors found that a whopping 58 percent believed that tithing was not  »  Read More

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The Wave Maker

Some arrive as the sky first etches pink and blue Others make it a lunchtime break And some hustle here before going home Still others make it a lifestyle Waiting tables, scrounging tips at night To surf the day away Like frogmen they sit bobbing in the water Straddled astride fiberglass They  »  Read More

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