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What’s Wrong with the Tithe?

There’s a lot of confusion about tithing. If you go into most churches today, you’ll find that tithing, or giving 10 percent of your income, is what most pastors preach.  A survey several years ago among evangelical pastors found that a whopping 58 percent believed that tithing was not  »  Read More

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The Wave Maker

Some arrive as the sky first etches pink and blue Others make it a lunchtime break And some hustle here before going home Still others make it a lifestyle Waiting tables, scrounging tips at night To surf the day away Like frogmen they sit bobbing in the water Straddled astride fiberglass They  »  Read More

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The Generous Touch         

She stood. She stood, but her husband sat while the worship singing took place. Now that’s not unusual. Sometimes the standing and singing can get a little long. Some will sit down for a bit of relief. But there was something different with them. She swayed with the music with her hands  »  Read More

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