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3 Amazing Thoughts About the Royals World Series Parade

Photo Credit: Roy Inman – Special to The Star

The Kansas City Royals won the World Series. That statement is almost surreal given the 30 year drought and all the bad baseball that preceded it. Yet all the come behind victories left the city adoring their team and turned a   skeptical national media into believers. In all the magic of the  »  Read More

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Of Trump, Carson, Clinton, Fruit and C.T. Studd

Looking around the events of the day, I’m provoked to thought on a variety of fronts. Before I dive in, let me ask, where are you provoked? The Benghazi hearings are done. What did they prove? Did we get to the truth? I’m afraid today that truth is such a hard commodity and it’s being lost  »  Read More

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Reduce your Life to 15 Things?!

Andrew Hyde decided to sail around the world.  As a result he sold virtually everything he owned.  He engaged in a little experiment in his life:  could he reduce the number of things he owned to 15 things?  He reached that goal although eventually the number rose to 60 where it sits today. No  »  Read More

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