Family Coaching

Legacy Planning

God intended families to last, and to have an impact for generations. Unfortunately, traditional estate planning focuses upon transferring financial assets primarily. Legacy Planning focuses more on children, grandchildren and children yet to be born—children we will never see. The key to a lasting family legacy—7 generations or more—is that a family must have a well-defined set of values, a clear vision and a practical mission.

  • We help families establish a solid platform of communication for legacy planning.
  • We help a family develop a clear mission, vision and values statement.
  • We help implement mission, vision and values statement.
  • We help families develop their story, and to transfer that story into written and video format so that it can easily be passed down.
  • Often, the best way to implement legacy planning is in a family retreat setting.

Estate Coaching

In many cases, families need someone other than a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor to help them think through their estate documents. They need someone who can give them a qualified professional opinion without a financial stake in the game. This coaching may occur prior to formal legal document preparation, or the coaching may occur after someone has passed away, thus leaving an immediate need for instruction relating to next steps regarding the estate.


Would you like a speaker for your next event? Bill is a frequent speaker in a variety of venues. Consider scheduling him as your conference or keynote speaker in a few of the following ways:

  1. Sharing his personal testimony—from poverty to generosity.
  2. Talking to families about legacy planning.
  3. Sharing with financial advisers the power of legacy planning.
  4. Challenging ministries to rethink their major donor programs.
  5. Considering the demographic trends that are affecting the giving world.

Ministry Consulting

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