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Top Blogs of 2017

Here are my most-read blog posts from the past year. Just click the links below. I hope you enjoy the read! #1 Should Inheritance Be a Windfall?  Inheritance. It’s a concept as old as time. People die. They leave their stuff behind. Typically those closest to the deceased receive the  »  Read More

Church Funding—On the Long Term Decline?

Across Europe, we’ve seen many great and historic churches close.  Some now are owned by businesses.  Some are converted to mosques. For many, the response to these closures is shock, dismay.  For those wondering why, the answer is often the apparent decline of faith in these countries.  But  »  Read More

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What’s Wrong with the Tithe?

There’s a lot of confusion about tithing. If you go into most churches today, you’ll find that tithing, or giving 10 percent of your income, is what most pastors preach.  A survey several years ago among evangelical pastors found that a whopping 58 percent believed that tithing was not  »  Read More

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