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A Family Kind of Day

I started the day with breakfast with my nephew-in-law. The bacon was crisp, but it was better to have some good conversation with family. We talked about the normal things of the day but things that mattered to him, and to me. I left there and made my way home. My three-year-old grandson was there  »  Read More

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How Do Family, Legacy, and Generosity Go Together?

I write often about family, legacy, and generosity. (You can find my blogs at I was having a conversation with a colleague who questioned me about those ideas–how do they go together? He emphasized that family and legacy are felt needs but that generosity is not. True  »  Read More

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Can you envision generations you cannot see?

If you are like me, life is pretty busy as it is. My wife and my kids keep me pretty busy, and there are now 2 grandchildren—a great delight. And the truth is that those are enough to keep my life full. But when you sit and contemplate your life and what you might consider a success, do you think  »  Read More

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