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Christmas—The Baby Was Only a Sign

Have you ever caught this? Okay, Jesus is born. And it’s pretty sparse. No nurses. No bright lights from hospital lights. There are no phone calls out to waiting grandparents. The siblings don’t get a text message. No Facebook posts are made. No cute little video announcements. It’s just » 

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Christmas and the Expectant Ones

It’s easy to miss their stories. The Christmas story holds great drama. There’s an angel who appears to Mary. A virgin conception. A virgin birth. An angel appears to Joseph and tells him to take Mary as his wife. There’s an angel who appears to Zechariah, and the improbable baby boy born to » 

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Christmas and the Most Unhappy Man

He missed Christmas. Not only did he miss it, but he also sought to destroy it. He was called Herod the Great. At the age of 25 or 28, in 47 BC, he was appointed the governor of Galilee by his father, Antipater. His position was thus, not something he earned. His career was marked by his attempts » 

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