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4 Types of Giving

When we think about giving, there are actually at least 4 different kinds of giving. 1. Support Based. 2. Relationship Based. 3. Direct. 4. Strategic or Initiative Based Giving.

One Critical Piece of Advice to the Business Owner

I’ve got one critical piece of advice to the business owner: take care of your spouse first. His name is Jerry. He started a business in his garage. And before you knew it, it was busting at the seams. They had a bunch of locations and were making money hand over fist. His success caused others to look and pretty soon the offers started coming in, including one that would allow him to retire quite comfortably.

One Fatal Mistake Every Giver Must Avoid

I’ve seen it too often. It’s the story of a giver. He or she is someone who is just sailing along. The business is going well. The team is in place, and they are beginning to enjoy the freedom of being able to step away from the business. And their giving is at all time record numbers. They are having fun.