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“All I Want to Do is Change a City…”—Part II

After serving on the mission field for 15 years in Peru, Rudy thought it was time to retire and go be with the grandchildren. But God had different plans. After leading a missions trip to another part of Peru—Cusco, Peru—Rudy sensed God’s calling once again.

“All I Want To Do is Change A City…”—Part I

In 1960, Rudy Johnson, his wife and 3 young children headed to Peru to plant a church. The work was hard, and they were not joined by any co laborers for nearly 7 years. But the church grew through persistence and faithfulness. In fact, the church planted more than 40 more churches. It’s been estimated that this church has now influenced 128 million people.

Non Cash Donations Projected to Increase in 2010

The September 9, 2010 edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that non cash donations are expected to rise as a form of year end giving.