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What Can We Learn About How Much the Wealthy Give?

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have generated quite the buzz by encouraging billionaires to have 50% of their wealth to charity. In July, the Chronicle of Philanthropy provided an interest report on the habits of the wealthy in their giving.

Who Cares About Ireland?

Did you notice the headlines with Ireland? They are fighting for financial solvency. Ireland’s government announced that it was planning to slash its budget by $20 billion dollars. The plan will cut $13.3 billion in spending, and $6.7 billion dollars in extra taxes. The cuts will mean the loss of thousands of state jobs, welfare benefits and pensions payments.

Ten Tips to Make Your Website Work for Your Donors

The online world is here to stay for ministries. For that reason, it’s a good time to evaluate your website from a donor’s perspective. Here are 10 tips: