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Browne is the Color of Generosity

What color is generosity? We just completed our 9th Annual Passion Awards. For more, visit The Passion Awards is like the Academy Awards of ministry where we award grants to ministry but also make a few individual awards as well.

4 Big Reasons Financial Advisors Should Encourage Charitable Giving

A recent study by Fidelity offered this interesting insight: while a majority of advisors believed that their clients are interested in receiving charitable advice, only slightly more than half (52%) proactively offered such advice.

5 Big Reasons Why Christians Are Using Donor-Advised Funds

Donor advised fund usage is on the rise. This rise has been noted by The Wall Street Journal and other periodicals. A recent survey by Fidelity noted the same. It used to be that when someone started to think about becoming “philanthropic,” they set up a private foundation, which involved legal costs and filing an annual tax return. Often the process proved cumbersome. Today, the answer has become donor advised funds for the following 5 big reasons: