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American Greed

Do you believe that Americans are greedy? I saw an advertisement recently for a documentary called American Greed. Truthfully, I reacted a bit. While we’ve seen certain politicians call out American greed and our lack of attention to the poor, I found myself pausing.

How Our Giving Should Adjust to the Times?

The past two years—from 2008 to 2010—have been a roller coaster ride. It’s been amazing to witness first hand.

How the 2010 Bush Tax Cuts Are Bad for Giving in 2011 and Beyond

There was much uproar at the end of 2010 about extending the Bush tax cuts with their lower income tax rates, etc. And frankly, there’s little doubt that they had to happen—despite the protests of President Obama and the Democratic faithful. They had to happen because of the sheer will of the populace that, as the November elections demonstrated, needed satisfaction.