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One Fatal Mistake Every Giver Must Avoid

I’ve seen it too often. It’s the story of a giver. He or she is someone who is just sailing along. The business is going well. The team is in place, and they are beginning to enjoy the freedom of being able to step away from the business. And their giving is at all time record numbers. They are having fun.

One Thing Starbucks Can Teach the Non Profit World

Did you notice one of the changes at Starbucks recently? It’s really kind of subtle. Free wi-fi. In the past, you’d go to Starbucks and you either had to have an AT&T account, or you had to have a Starbucks card to use their wireless.

Four Emerging Trends for Non Profits

There’s much occurring in the non profit landscape. The astute observer should be and always willing to look behind the covers of what is happening. Here’s a few thoughts to help bring sense to what is happening: 1. 25% of non profits will lose their tax exempt status. 2. Because of the downturn, 8% of non profits will close their doors. 3. The 40 million Boomers moving towards retirement means that more non profits will open their doors. 4. Good news: the non profit sector will continue to experience a demand for services.