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How Foolish It Is to Give

They are young, 20 somethings, married, but bitten by a bug. Not the typical bug mind you. They headed off to Malawi a few years back, and they met the children there.

Don’t Give Your Kids Money

“I don’t want to give them anything.” We were at that crucial moment in his estate plan, and Joe needed to decide how much he was going to leave his kids and grandkids. When the question came up how much he wanted to leave them, he was firm in his resolve. For the next 40 minutes, I heard all of his stories about how his kids had frittered away money, failed to listen to his advice, and only came to him for money.

Breaking News: A Church Gives to Another Church in Need

Did you hear the news? One church was struggling—literally in the midst of famine. And yet another church, which was not doing so hot itself, took up a specially offering for the church experiencing famine. It’s described like this: