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One Critical Question Your Children Must Learn to Be Wise Givers

There’s one critical question your children must learn. As I write this blog, I’m on an airplane crowded with newspaper readers. I can hear the newspapers rustling even now. And what do those papers tell us? It’s a mosaic:

Earn the Highest Interest Rates

ave you noticed that interest rates are at an all time low? For retirees who used to rely upon bank CDs, the options are slim. But the issue of interest rates reminds me of a different kind of rate. It’s an “interest” described in the old hymn And Can It Be. Here’s a stanza:

I’ve Lost it All

“I’ve lost it all!” Those were the words waiting for me on the other end of the telephone after I asked how my friend’s business was going. He was reeling from the market crash of 2008. For more than two years, he’d fought to keep his business alive. But he just couldn’t do it anymore and the bank was taking the last remaining assets.