Donor Advised Funds and Ministries!

Donor Advised Funds and Ministries!

by Bill High

There’s a new day coming for donor-advised funds.

For nearly 18 years, the Servant Foundation affiliated with the National Christian Foundation. Over that period of time, the Servant Foundation has seen nearly $3 billion in contributions and $2 billion in grants.

But now Servant Foundation is getting ready to launch a new era as The Signatry–a new era of donor-advised funds.

Why the new era?

From the time we first began, our goal has always been to be of service to ministries. We learned along the way what that service meant. Early on, we sought to provide a place where ministries could search for grants. But over the years, we’ve added a lot of trainings for ministries, including webinars.

And in our new era, that service will continue to grow and expand. We are building a team of experts with deep and broad experience to better help ministries’ leaders in their work of leading. We’ll do more online trainings and webinars. But we’ll be particularly focused upon the major gift because that’s the training ministries have asked for.

We understand the unique partnership we have with ministries. A U.S. Bank study a few years ago told us that, in many cases, ministry leaders have the best relationships with high-net-worth givers. There’s an emotional connection. On the other hand, ministry leaders sometimes need help in guiding a major donor through complex business transactions and gifts. Historically, we’ve received 30% of our referrals from ministry leaders.

We are looking for ministry leaders who want to grow together in this new era. It’s an exciting time, as the experts tell us that there’s still an expected $59 trillion wealth transfer. If just 1% of that is given to ministries, that’s an additional $590 billion! Join us in the new era.

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Published March 26, 2018

Topics: Nonprofit Development

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