Measuring the Success of Your Family

Measuring the Success of Your Family

by Bill High

For 2023, consider making some adjustments for your family.

I often say that one of the simple ways to measure the success of your family is to have a regular family meeting.

What does a regular family meeting look like? Here’s a short and simple agenda:

Personal updates—what’s going on in your world

A review of the family vision, mission and values

A reminder of the love languages of each person with the simple goal: am I saying “I love you” in a way the other person can receive?

If you want you can add an assessment of how full is my love tank, how full is my joy tank.

From there, a simple review of goals and priority items we are working on, but also include long term items like the family vacation or the family missions trip.

A review of family finances and family giving is a great way to close out the meeting.

Short, simple, fun, yet keeps everyone in touch by pointing the family to the goals that they have. It says “we are in this together!”

The meeting only needs to take 15-20 minutes if you have young children. You can go a bit longer—40-45 minutes if you’ve got teenagers. But the key is to make it work in a way that everyone wants to keep coming back.


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Published January 30, 2023

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