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What Does the Wall Street Journal Teach Us About Joy?–Part III

Not much.
But when you are stuck on an airplane late on a Saturday night, even the WSJ, as it’s called, can teach. The weekend edition (January 13-14, 2018) still contains the “Market Digest.”
There’s all manner of helpful information. Dow Jones Average. S&P 500 Index. Major U.S. Stock Market Indexes. Futures Contracts. Global Government Bonds: Mapping Yields. Those are a powerful couple of pages.
And those pages tell me that there are real people going to real jobs every day. They work. They play. Some marry. Some don’t. Some struggle. Some just want to get ahead. There are leaders. There are workers. There are lots of them scattered all across the globe. I’m sure the title “Volume Movers” was not meant for them, but somehow it seems to fit.
Sure, it matters. We all need to work. It’s a good thing.
But the Bible teaches us that “God has put eternity in the heart of man.” In our deepest core, we long for something meaningful and lasting. And it won’t be found in those indexes. Moses, the great leader, said it this way:
The eternal God is your resting place, and underneath are the everlasting arms (Deuteronomy 33.27).
The ideas of rest and joy belong together. And when we find them, we find something that lasts.
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