Sue, Storykeepers, and Us

Sue, Storykeepers, and Us

by Bill High

March 1st was a big day.

It’s the day I asked my wife, Brooke, to marry me. It’s also the day that we lost her mother.

Brooke’s mom (Sue) was a kind and wonderful mother. She was also a super grandmother. She had worked as an OB/GYN nurse and was present at the hospital for the birth of our four kids. Over the years, she helped babysit the kids and attended piano recitals, school dramas, and even the sporting events of my boys. Later it became the high school graduations and college graduations. Along the way, she dispensed love abundantly and wisdom timely placed.

She was there as well to see the birth of her first great-grandchild, a boy. And weeks before her passing, she was also able to hold her first great-granddaughter.

Now, one year after her passing, I find myself wandering a bit. She was more than the grandmother, the great-grandmother. She was the link to the past. She was the repository of wisdom for raising children and healing ailments of every sort, and a fellow conspirator and fan to football and basketball games.

We miss her. I still find myself driving around town with a sudden urge to call her and tell her about the latest happening only to realize…

And I realize now that I’m the grandparent. I’m the Papa to my grandchildren. My wife is the grandmother. We are the keepers of the story. We are the links to the past.

Our grandchildren will look to us to tell the stories of the family. That will call upon us to dig a bit deeper into our own family roots and the places our family came from. Whatever we pass on will be all that they will remember.

May we all be good storykeepers.

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Published March 9, 2018

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