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What is your Google Doodle?


                  On Thursday, June 9, Google launched its guitar doodle as a way of honoring musician and electric guitar innovator.  Paul died in August 2009.  The doodle allowed people to play a guitar and make a recording.  The guitar doodle took off like a rocket and over 4,000 recordings were posted to You Tube.  Wow—talk about viral!

                  But in the guitar doodle craze, I had to stop and wonder:  what would be my Google doodle?  When I’m gone the way of the dust, what doodle would represent my life?  For Les Paul, it was easy; the guitar represented everything his life was about.  Now I don’t ever expect that I’ll achieve the fame that Les Paul did.

                  But let’s presume that nonetheless, we could have our own proverbial doodle made. Or I should say instead, what would people remember as my doodle?  What would the symbol of my life be?  Would it be my company’s logo?  My timesheet at work?  My bible?  A book of jokes?   The silhouette of my family?  I know that it won’t be an electric guitar.

                  You know how at funerals you so often see people create powerpoints with the photos of someone’s life?  What would happen if they flashed only one—a Google homepage, and on that homepage would be the doodle representing your life?  And if people looked at that one page, that one doodle, would they immediately say, “yes,” even in the deepest recesses of their soul, “yes, that represents him!”

                  Think about it.  What is your Google doodle?


About Bill High

Bill is CEO of the Signatry: A Global Christian Foundation. He works with families, individual givers, and financial advisers to share the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. » Learn More. He is the co-author with David Green of Giving It All Away and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously.

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