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What are the seeds of revolution?

            Revolution—sudden, radical or complete change.

             On December 17 2010, a 26 year old street vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire to protest the confiscation of his wares by municipal officials.  Bouazizi was just a young man trying to make a wage, support his mother, and with dreams of marrying.  But years of oppression politically and economically led him to the brink.  When he was harassed by a female government official, the ultimate slap in the face to a Muslim young man, he could bear it no longer.

             He ran to the governor’s office to complain but the governor refused to see him.  He told the governor, “If you don’t see me, I’ll burn myself.”  While standing in the middle of traffic, he shouted, “how do you expect me to make a living?”  He doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire.

            Eighteen days later, Bouazizi died.  More than 5,000 people were part of the funeral procession.

            His friends, family and the surrounding community rose up and proclaimed him a “heroic martyr.”  The protests became so violent that it drove President Ben Ali from the country.  His death and the resulting protests sparked other protests in other Middle Eastern countries—Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

            The unrest is not done.  The seeds of revolution have been planted–years of oppression, bondage, political, economic and social unrest.   And in shadows of oppression, the light of freedom will always rise. 

            Do you think we have the seeds of revolution planted in our own country?

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