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Top Blogs of 2017

Here are my most-read blog posts from the past year. Just click the links below. I hope you enjoy the read!

#1 Should Inheritance Be a Windfall? 

Inheritance. It’s a concept as old as time. People die. They leave their stuff behind. Typically those closest to the deceased receive the property.

Throughout history, however, there have been many types of inheritance systems. Some of those systems provide for common ownership. However, for those… [read more]

#2 5 Ways Trump Will Impact the Nonprofit World–An Early Look 

Let’s face it. Few saw this coming—the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump. Even some of the most balanced people I know suggested that the business and financial world was preparing for a Clinton presidency.

Call it what you will, but the benefit of… [read more]

#3 What Is the Religion of Millionaires? 

What is the religion of millionaires?

CNBC cited a study by New World Wealth noting that, of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 56% identified themselves as Christian.¹ That same study indicated that 6.5% identified themselves as Muslim, 3.9% as Hindu, and… [read more]

#4: A Good Man Leaves an Inheritance to His Children’s Children 

Proverbs 13.22 says, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

What does this mean? Does it mean that an inheritance for grandchildren is mandated? I’ve seen… [read more]

#5: Lose Your Online Donations Because of Your Faith? 

On September 7, 2017, Megan McArdle of Bloomberg News wrote a troubling article. There, she noted that the Ruth Institute, a conservative group, lost their ability to receive online donations when their payment processor cancelled them.¹

Vanco Payment Solutions dropped the Christian nonprofit Ruth Institute over claims… [read more]

And as a bonus . . . the top blog from 2016: What’s Wrong with the Tithe? 

There’s a lot of confusion about tithing.

If you go into most churches today, you’ll find that tithing, or giving 10 percent of your income, is what most pastors preach. A survey several years ago among evangelical pastors found that a whopping 58 percent believed that tithing was not… [read more]

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Bill is CEO of the Signatry: A Global Christian Foundation. He works with families, individual givers, and financial advisers to share the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. » Learn More. He is the co-author with David Green of Giving It All Away and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously.

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