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The Ten Second Rule

            The Ten Second Rule.  No, this is not the rule about how long something must be on the floor before you can no longer eat it.


            It’s a rule about giving.  It’s pretty simple.  If God prompts your heart to make a gift, wait ten seconds and then do it.  So often what happens in our giving is that we get a prompt, a nudge and then we start reasoning with ourselves.


            We evaluate the cause, we start asking for financial statements, and we rationalize why we shouldn’t make the gift.  I know that I’m that way.  If you let me analyze it, I’ll take the joy and the spontaneity right out of it.


            Now I’m not saying let’s be frivolous.  I’m not saying that we should ignore our stewardship responsibility.  But on the other hand, we often use those as excuses for not giving.  We evaluate ministry and people based upon their worthiness before we will give. 


            Somehow, I wonder if God doesn’t want us to return to the freedom of obeying and following the leading of the Spirit.  And I wonder as well if that freedom would bring back the joy in our giving that we so often miss?

About Bill High

Bill is CEO of the Signatry: A Global Christian Foundation. He works with families, individual givers, and financial advisers to share the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. He is the co-author with David Green of Giving It All Away and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously: » Learn More

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