Don’t Sell or Trade Your Car – Give It!

Don’t Sell or Trade Your Car – Give It!

by Bill High

Are you in the market for a new car? What will you do with your old one?

One of the best options is to consider donating your old car instead of selling or trading it. What most people don’t often realize is how simple the car donation process is.

At you can donate your car in a few simple clicks:

  1. First choose the charity of your choice (it can go directly to a foundation)
  2. Second, complete some basic information about yourself
  3. Third, complete some basic information about your car

Your car will be picked up, title transferred, and you will receive a tax receipt when the car sells – usually in about 45 days.

Best of all, your car can make a impact in the life of a person or a ministry!

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Published November 10, 2015

Topics: Giving Strategies

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