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Let Your Generosity Start a Chain Reaction

Let Your Generosity Start a Chain Reaction

by Bill High
Irene from Fort Worth Hilton


This is Irene. She’s the Director of Human Resources at the Fort Worth Hilton.

A couple weeks back, I attended a conference in Fort Worth. I had to check in a little later in the evening, and there was Irene working the front desk. We exchanged a little fun banter.

It seems my assistant, Hannah, had called to ask her to print something for me. Irene said she’d been unable to get it to print in color until she got back to her office. Teasing, I told her, “I’m going to have to lower your reviews for that! But I suppose you can give me a market item to change my mind.”

She was quick to say that my assistant Hannah had been really sweet to work with, and that she’d do better than a market item. She promised she’d give me a hotel pin because their hotel was famous—it was the last place JFK stayed before he died.

She even upgraded me to a corner room.

With all that good will floating around, I reached into my conference bag and the most fitting gift seemed to be the giant Bible with reference notes I’d received at the conference. I asked Irene if she could use it. And she heartily agreed.

So I gave Irene my Bible.

It’s a funny thing. My assistant Hannah started it—with kindness. Irene went the extra mile with a hotel pin and a corner room. So fun to be part of the generosity chain.

What can you set in motion this week?



Photo by Philipp Cordts on Unsplash

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Published February 19, 2021

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