Another Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven

Another Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven

by Bill High

A few years back Mark Cahill wrote the thought-provoking book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.  The book’s premise is simple: after you die, you’ll no longer be able to share the gospel with any lost people because only believers will be in heaven. The implications are clear—don’t miss the opportunity now.

But I’d like to offer an additional thought to Cahill’s premise.

There’s another thing we’ll no longer be able to do in heaven: give. Give to evangelism, give to hurting, needy and the poor—there simply won’t be any in heaven. And oh, the implications are clear. Give now. Give while you have the chance.

Not long ago, I got a call from a ministry friend. He had me meet with a family who needed some help with their giving, including working on their estate plan. This was a really cool family, kingdom-minded in every way, but their kids were a wreck. They had strayed. This family needed to make changes. They wanted to do some giving out of their assets and net worth while they were alive and they wanted to make changes to their estate so their kids wouldn’t squander it.

They never made those changes. A few months later the private plane they were flying in crashed into the side of a mountain. They were both killed. And with their tragic death, the opportunity to give as they’d hoped was forever lost.

I’ve seen it time and again—people who’ve ignored the nudges of God only to see their opportunity to give melt away.

They are ordinary stories: the investment guy who chose not to give because “he could make more investing on his own and would allow him to give more later.”

Or there’s the guy who chose not give $500,000 because he wanted to reinvest in his own business only to lose millions in his reinvestment.

Or the guy who stubbornly refused to sell for $100 million because he wanted control only to lose everything in the 2008 downturn.

So is there a nudge from God you should be listening to today?

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Published September 14, 2011

Topics: Generosity


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