Establishing a Mission and Values

Establishing a Mission and Values

by Bill High

Lynden Door
Est. 1978 — 3rd Generation
Revenue: $69 Million
Employees: 400+

Honor God in all you do. This is the first commitment that is listed at the top of Lynden Door Inc.’s pledge. For this leading producer, their history is deeply tied to this mission statement that is centered around their Christian values.

In 1948, a catastrophic flood decimated Frasier Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Newlywed and carpenter, John Bargen, sought to serve his fellow neighbors by replacing the waterlogged doors of their homes in the small town of Yarrow, BC. This act of service led John to become inspired to enter the door manufacturing business, eventually turning this dream into a reality thirty years later with his son, Ted.

To this day, this monumental enterprise thrives now in its third generation of family ownership, serving Canada and the Western United States. The Bargen family credits their success to their adherence to their commitment to honor God in how they conduct business and faithfully serve others.

A company that has drafted a detailed mission statement and vision for their business will lead to a 50% increase in effectiveness, and Lynden Door Inc. is an excellent example of this outcome.

Because their values extend beyond the business to influence their daily conduct, we see more than a business being passed down. Their family core values are being inherited with each generation.

Largely this is due to the Bargen family taking the time to center their business, their lives and their family around a cohesive and detailed mission.

If a business is more likely to increase its effectiveness when it incorporates a mission statement, think about what could happen in your family if you take the first steps to identify the values that you want your children to inherit.

If you need help to start this journey, we have resources to guide your family here at Vyne Legacy, a ministry of The Signatry.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

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Published August 1, 2022

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