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Be Grateful for the Gift of Opportunity

Be Grateful for the Gift of Opportunity

by Bill High

OK, I had to laugh. I saw this post on Visual Capitalist earlier this month: Which country is the cheapest for starting a business?  Drumroll please:

  1. Venezuela at $0 (USD)
  2. Rwanda at $0
  3. Slovenia at $0
  4. Kyrgzstan at $8
  5. Sudan at $8

The rest of the top 10: Timor Leste, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Egypt.

Visual Capitalist Business Startup Affordability World Map

So let’s get real. Who wants to start a business in those countries, unless of course you already live in those countries?

I’m not sure about you, but every time I climb into an Uber, it’s not uncommon to be driven around by someone from a foreign country. I always ask them, “What brought you to America?” Without fail, they say the same thing: “Opportunity.”

Some years back I was in Switzerland and my cab was driven by a man who had moved from Great Britain for the same reason: he thought he’d find more opportunity there. But he was in the process of moving back. He didn’t find the opportunity he thought.

While we live in a time of increased division and conflict, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that we still live in a land of opportunity. That’s something to be grateful for.


Photo by Jack Young on Unsplash

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Published August 25, 2021

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