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8 Surprising Facts About Grandparents and Legacy

One of the keys to successful legacy? Grandparents. Grandparents are the keepers of the story, and they help reinforce lessons of the parents while providing yet a different perspective. As much as possible and with the right circumstances, it’s great to involve grandparents in developing  »  Read More

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7 Great Quotes on Leaving a Legacy

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy recently. We recently had a memorial service for my mother-in-law, Sue Replogle. It was a nice time to reflect upon her life and all the lives she touched. For me, I’ve always said that the power of a person’s life is the stories they leave behind. Here  »  Read More

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Is Your Library Burning? 7 Ways to Stop the Fire

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage: when a great person dies, a library burns. And to be fair, it’s not just a great person. When a loved one dies, his or her story passes away too. That truth is particularly painful for me. In the past several months, I’ve had some key relatives pass away. One  »  Read More

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