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Making Sense of the Noise

There’s a lot of noise and confusion going around. Orlando, Florida– night club shooting. 49 dead. Paul, Minneapolis—a young male shot and killed at a traffic stop. Baton Rouge, Louisiana—a 37 year old man shot and killed by police in a convenience store. Dallas, Texas—a sniper  »  Read More

7 Paradoxes of Inheritance

When they hear the word “inheritance,” most people run. We typically associate inheritance with estate planning, which traditionally means working with lawyers, talking about death, and confronting difficult issues with children. A 2012 survey by Alliance reveals some troubling paradoxes about  »  Read More

What would you say to 50 college students?

They sat in front of me—50 of them, wide-eyed, eager, young, some with girlfriends or boyfriends, some engaged, and some with years to go before landing a degree. It was my son’s college ministry team, and I’d been invited to speak. As I looked out at them, I saw myself—a long time ago  »  Read More