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6 Trends in the Generosity Movement

The Generosity Movement is real, and it’s changing. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen an incredible rise in the stock market. But we’ve also seen wealth transfer occur from War Generations to the Boomers. Additionally, we’ve also seen family owned businesses mature and sell as people as  »  Read More

The Biggest Change for Giving in 2016

As the 2015 giving year closes out, there will be no doubt some winners and losers. Some charities will feel like their coffers are full while others are struggling for solutions. But the climate is changing. Few recognized it, but it happened. Out of nowhere it seemed that thousands of charities  »  Read More

Are you prepared for the rising surge of “stuff giving?”

Earlier this year, the Washington Post (March 27, 2015) called it a seismic shift. The Boomer Generation displayed a penchant for collecting things:  cars, big houses, lots and lots of possessions.  They thought these possessions were valuable. But their kids don’t want those things. Two big  »  Read More