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Think Different About Generosity

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Think Different—it was an award winning TV commercial by Steve Jobs. It was part of the launch of the Apple revolution in personal computing.  The commercial touts the “crazy ones” who aren’t afraid to dream and tackle the impossible. Steve Jobs  »  Read More

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Rethinking the Cost of Giving

Have you ever thought about the cost of giving? What do I mean–the cost of giving?  At a practical personal level, in so many cases, we can make personal tangible gifts–of our time, a smile, a pat on  »  Read More

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What do I Do with My Estate If I Don’t Have Children

Some families choose not to have children.  Some families are prevented from  having children—whether because of infertility or otherwise.  Or of course, there are single individuals who accumulate some level of wealth on their own. So without a spouse and without children what do these people  »  Read More

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