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The Philanthropy Top 10

Giving is changing to the non-profit world.  It used to be that United Way, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army were perennial locks for the top 10 in annual gifts to non-profits. But the last 20 years have seen the rise of donor advised fund organizations.  A donor advised fund allows donors to  »  Read More

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A Cure for High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Depression, and Anxiety?

I have a friend who says that in describing people that we are all like sheep.  And “sheep just want to be happy.”  But that’s the age-old question—how do you become happy? Dr. Dan Arley, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Psychology at Duke University, notes that if you are the  »  Read More

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The Science of Generosity

An April 2015 Chronicle of Philanthropy cited a growing field related to a “growing cadre of behavioral economists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists…” etc are learning about giving and donors. There are some ongoing and interesting findings: researchers found that people base  »  Read More

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