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What do I Do with My Estate If I Don’t Have Children

Some families choose not to have children.  Some families are prevented from  having children—whether because of infertility or otherwise.  Or of course, there are single individuals who accumulate some level of wealth on their own. So without a spouse and without children what do these people  »  Read More

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The Philanthropy Top 10

Giving is changing to the non-profit world.  It used to be that United Way, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army were perennial locks for the top 10 in annual gifts to non-profits. But the last 20 years have seen the rise of donor advised fund organizations.  A donor advised fund allows donors to  »  Read More

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A Cure for High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Depression, and Anxiety?

I have a friend who says that in describing people that we are all like sheep.  And “sheep just want to be happy.”  But that’s the age-old question—how do you become happy? Dr. Dan Arley, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Psychology at Duke University, notes that if you are the  »  Read More

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