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How Much Will You Leave Your Children?

For many Americans, we’ll work hard and accumulate some level of wealth.  At whatever level wealth is defined, there will be some level of relative value.  The question is what will we do with that wealth, and particularly how much will we leave to children. It’s an often-debated question and  »  Read More

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The Hard Days of Parenting

The strains of Vanessa Carlton’s 1,000 miles song filtered through the airport. Of course, I’d have never known it was Vanessa Carlton but for my daughter Jessica. I stopped and paused. I remembered her last month at home before getting married.  It was time to move the piano—her piano.  It  »  Read More

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10 Questions for Uncovering Family Stories

How do you spark storytelling among your family and preserve family memories? StoryCall, a handbook, lists 10 questions to prompting family story: Did you have chores? What was your most and least favorite? When was the first time you drove? What was the first concert you attended? What were  »  Read More

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