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Liberal Churches are Dying, Conservative Churches Thriving

A January 4, 2017 Washington Post article by David Haskell highlighted a Canadian study noting the trend of decline for liberal churches.  Further, Haskell pointed out the 2015 Pew Research Center study that mainline protestant churches are shrinking by 1 million members annually. Specifically  »  Read More

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Self-fulfillment, selfish ambition, and the way of the cross

Imagine if you were offered the biggest raise of your life, the corner office and ruling power over your company.  And imagine if that offer kept coming from multiple people and multiple ways.  Imagine as well if all those around you urged you to take that position, which they whispered in your  »  Read More

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The Necessity of Discovery How Your Story Connects with Others

This post will be a bit longer than normal, but stick with me.  It will be worth it. I grew up poor.  Some call it dirt poor.  I remember opening the refrigerator and seeing it vividly empty.  Yet God in his grace visited us. But for a long time I got the story wrong.  I thought it was about  »  Read More

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