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Living Simply

Did you ever read My Side of the Mountain?  It’s the story of a young boy who tells his parents that he’s going to go live in the mountains. By himself. At 12 years old.  They let him go because they think it will wear off soon. But his adventure carries on as he learns to live in a tree  »  Read More

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Prince and Other Famous People Who Died without a Will

Prince died on April 21, 2016.  Within days, his sister Tyka Nelson filed papers in probate court alleging that he died without a will. Prince’s estate is said to be worth more than $300 million dollars.  Making matters all the more complicated is that his estate will hold title to his ongoing  »  Read More

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Gratitude Born of Poverty

My mother is 87 years old.  She grew up during World War II—in Japan. During the war, she had to run through the street of Japan to find the nearest bomb shelters.  They had their house burn down during the war.  As a result, all of her family heirlooms are gone.  She doesn’t have a photo  »  Read More

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