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9 Tips for Living Simply

Do you know anyone who says they are not busy?  Even the retirees I know all tell me they are busy.  What’s led to this sense of madness, this overwhelming sense of noise, and how do we calm it down? Here are 9 tips for bringing some simplicity back into your life Purge your stuff. Go through  »  Read More

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The Terrible Sickness of Ownership

In this day and age, we talk little of ownership.  It is presumed.  In fact, from the earliest age, we proclaim, “mine!”  And that possessive nature never really seems to let go unless we have some tragedy or crisis that exposes our illness. A.W. Tozer in The Pursuit of God says it this  »  Read More

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Bring Refreshment to Others for Yourself

Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.  Proverbs 11.25 (NIV) It’s a simple proverb: if you refresh others, you get refreshed too. What does it mean to refresh? Webster’s tells us that refresh means “to restore strength and animation; to freshen up; to restore or maintain by renewing  »  Read More

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