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Searching for Sara

I met her at a restaurant.  From time to time, my travels take me to resort kinds of settings.  I like to ask my waiters their story, how they got to be there, and where they come from. Like so many, Sara came to be a server because she wanted a couple of years off before graduate  »  Read More

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The Single Greatest Fact Influencing Future Direction

What is the key factor influencing the direction of America? The world? In The Next 100 Years, George Friedman writes that the single greatest factor influencing the world is population decline.  Progressively, families around the world have grown increasingly smaller.  It’s a simple fact:   »  Read More

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Of Political Conventions, Family and Story

As I write, the Republican Convention is history and the Democratic Convention is ready to begin.  They are extravaganzas with a bevy of speakers each trying to outdo the other. But in truth, the success of every convention is based upon one simple fact: They will succeed only if they can connect  »  Read More

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