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1,000 Stories…At the Airport

A 6am flight means a 330 wake up call, out the door at 4, drop off the rental car.  A 6am flight made necessary by an impending ice storm.  I wanted to get home. But I couldn’t help but notice the Hertz bus driver with his venti coffee.  I suspected he was a dark roast guy, no cream, no  »  Read More

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The Savage Seasons

While I don’t remember much about my childhood, the days before memory came, I remember my bumblebee sting.  They tended to hangout by the big tree in our yard.  I must’ve been three when I came crashing in on their party, and they did what bumblebees are supposed to do.  They stung  »  Read More

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Poor Pastors—Literally?

Pastors and money—it’s not a subject you hear a lot about.  But the July/August 2016 Christianity Today noted a survey from the National Association of Evangelicals on Pastors and their money.  Here are some of the interesting findings: 29% had no money in personal savings 33% had less than  »  Read More

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