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10 Great Discussion Questions about Sharing, Saving & Spending

How do you engage your family in discussions about money?  Specifically, topics like giving, saving and spending? has a set of discussion starter cards that provide an easy way to prompt that discussion.  Here’s a sampling of 10: At what age should a person get his or her  »  Read More

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Trump Drives Two Movements

The January 23, 2017 headline of USA Today proclaimed it:  Trump drives two movements.  In describing the two movements, the article described a “legion of Americans Trump as a refreshingly pugnacious leader with a promise to shake the regulatory order…” On the other hand, the article  »  Read More

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Super Bowl Super Food Consumption

The Super Bowl is over.  And there’s little doubt that it has become one of the hot party times of the year.  According to a January 30, 2017 article in Forbes by Geoff Williams, the Super Bowl is only surpassed by Thanksgiving Day for the amount of food consumed in America. Here are a few  »  Read More

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