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Is Your Giving Strategic?

he thick gold band and the large diamond told me that this was no ordinary ring. I could tell by the words that this was some kind of championship ring. So I leaned over in my cramped airline seat and asked. Sure enough, it was a Super Bowl ring.

How Foolish It Is to Give!

Byron, my wife’s grandfather, was 91 years old when he died. He was a venerable old soul. He was loved by many. I was there when they transferred him from the hospital to the hospice facility. Even though he was a successful life insurance agent who built a multi state practice, he found little comfort in his possessions or stock holdings in the end. Indeed, when the hospital packed up his belongings, they managed to fit in a single Wal-Mart plastic bag.

Don’t buy the 4G!

Do you have an iphone, Evo, Epic or some other android? Witness the language of the 4G sale: With _____________, enjoy blazing-fast downloads and amazing data plans…!