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What Donors Want–1 Big Thing

Do you run a really cool and happening ministry? Is it full of excitement and pizazz? Yet do you wonder sometimes why your donors don`t get how cool your ministry really is?

Ignore the Economy: The Boomers Are Getting Richer

The November 16, 2010 USA Today headlined the “Big Spending Boomers.” But for the astute, the article tells us much more particularly as it relates to the future of giving.

The Forgotten Giver

My eyes were weary. It was an early morning flight, and I was heading down the freeway on the way to the airport. Then it happened. I crested a hill, and there spread before me was a beautiful sunrise. It was one of those sunrises where the colors of purple and orange are muffled by thousand puffy clouds along the horizon. All I could do was marvel, and say “Thank you Lord for allowing me to see.” My busy world was interrupted by seeing—really seeing.