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Preparing for 2011 Fundraising–Adjust Now

       Fundraising has changed.  What worked pre-crash 2008 does not necessarily mean it will work now.  It is not business as usual.  The wise charity is making adjustments now.

       Lisa Sargent Communications reported on a recent study on "What`s Working in Donor Fundraising and Development Today."  Here are some of the highlights:

       1.      Finding new donors remains a challenge.  Non profits need to find new ways to find new donors.

       2.      Competition for donor dollars is at an all time high.  Less dollars means more competition.

       3.      Social media is necessary but has not proven itself yet as a fundraising tool.  Pursue social media, but keep adjusting, tweaking.

       4.      Donors are different.  They are less loyal.  They scrutinize more, demand more.

       5.      You still need direct mail.

       6.      Your marketing, communications, donor development, planned giving efforts all need to be integrated.  This is no time for silos.

       7.      Relationships matter.  Go deep not just wide.

       8.      Story matters.  Tell stories that allow donors to connect emotionally.

       Start now.  Adjust now.  Your success in 2011 depends on it.

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Bill High is an author of several books and co-author with David Green of Giving It All Away and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously: You can find him at and sign up for his blogs there.

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